How to standardise the x-axis scale on plots from equivalence tests using TOSTER

I am trying to produce a graph for a paper as a part of my job as a researcher, using R. I have four graphs in a grid that plot outcomes using Daniel Laken's TOSTER code for equivalence testing (indpedent samples t-tests). I need to try and put the x-axis for all plots along the same scale. Currently it's on a scale (mean differences between two groups) relative to each outcome, but I want all to graphs to cover a mean difference range of -6 to +6 if possible. How can I achieve this? Link to code I'm using (apologies it's messy, I'm still new to this; also, you may need to run the code twice to produce all 4 plots):

There might be an easier way to do this, but looking at the code for TOSTtwo, the plots from TOSTER aren't actual plots you can use. If you do a str(plot1) you'll see there are no plot objects there; you'll need to recreate them yourself. The plotting code in TOSTtwo should give you a good start.

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