How to speed up the creation of new base projects on

One more question: When you use a "base" project for new projects it can take a very long time for a new project to be available. It seems to be taking > 15 min just to create a new project that uses another project as its base. The base project I am using contains quite a few packages and my guess is that they are all being installed from source in the background when the new project is created. Is that correct?

Update: Since posting this reply more than 2 hours ago the new project based on the main project I created is still not available. Is there a more efficient way to share projects with a set of packages pre-installed with students?

Projects created from a base template do not re-install the packages, it is a file system operation instead.

If you invite me ( to the Space that has the base project in question, I can investigate further.

Invite sent. Thanks @josh

FYI Not sure what happened the first time but creating projects from a base project with various packages installed seems to be working fine (and fast) now. Very nice!

Not sure if related but ... just experimenting with creating a project as a different user from the "base project" and got the error below:

Task 546537305 failed: Unhandled Exception: HTTP 500: Internal Server Error

There were some issues with our API last night that were likely the cause.