How to speed my Rstudio?

Hi, I have a following question. I am computing some regressions models in R. My models are built on large data, so it takes some time. However, RStudio seems not to work on 100%. Look on these statistics bellow:

Is there a way, how to set RStudio to take 80% of my Processor? Thanks for reply.

if you have multiple cores you might have some success doing independent regressions in parallel.
Unfortunately I dont think it can be as easy as the switch of a button rather,
I would use foreach package to try that. But its somewhat advanced, would help to be a confident R user before attempting...

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To complement @ nirgrahamuk reply, R (the brain behind Rstudio) works on single threads. So everything you ask it to do will find a core in your computer and do it there. It is indeed using 100% of that core, but not the other cores/threads. As @ nirgrahamuk mentioned, there are some options (depending on your OS) to send multiple tasks to other cores at the same time. See 'foreach', 'parallel', 'future' among other packages that let you take advantage of the full power of your computer.

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