How to show row on the first column in tidy.prcomp loadings output?

Hello everyone,
I wanted to ask on how do you display the row column for broom::tidy(PCA, matrix="loadings") output?

broom::tidy(PCA)'s first column showed a column I am expecting to show in the first column of broom::tidy(PCA, matrix = "loadings").


PCA <- prcomp(USArrests, scale. = T)

broom::tidy(PCA) %>% #from this matrix.
  slice(1:10) %>% #pick the first 10 vector
  mutate(value = pull(slice(broom::tidy(PCA, matrix = "loadings")[,"value"], 1:10))) #and then use it to replace this matrix's first column

Is this possible?

Thank you very much.

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