How to show legend for ggsignif layer in final ggplot

I am quite new to ggplot. Here I just wanted to do a simple box plot of level of OPG (a molecule) between three groups, namely "RA", "Control" and "OA". The grouping information is contained in the column "Group". On top of that, I added a ggsignif layer where I used annotation instead of exact p-value. I set show.legend to be true but the significance legend is not showing up together with the grouping legend. I am not sure which exact command to use to display the legend for ggsignif layer. I have attached my code and plot below. Any help would be appreciated!

  geom_boxplot(aes(color=Group)) +
  geom_signif(comparisons = list(c("RA","Control"),
              step_increase = 0.1,
              show.legend = TRUE) +
  labs(y="Serum OPG Level") +

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