How to share HTML maps as email attachment?


I created interactive maps using tmap and leaflet in R and wanted to share it via email. However, the file size is large and couldn't attach it. Is there a means to reduce the file size? Whenever I save the HTML map, an associated JavaScript file is also saved, which increases the file size and can't open unless this file is also shared.

For example, if I save an interactive map with a file name 'dv', it also saves another file with a name 'dv_files'. It is the second file (dv_files) that make the file size bigger. Is there a means to avoid it and have everything in one file?

At a first glance I see two options:

  1. compress the files by using zp/rar and send the compressed package as an email attachment;
  2. copy the files onto a webserver and send the link

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