How to Set a Background Image for One Page?

I am creating a book so my output is bookdown::pdf_book. I want the background of the last page to be an image instead of the plain white background. I just need to know how I can change the background of only one page to an image and not the entire document. I'm fine with using LaTeX code.

Hi @Amarakon,

There seems to be many ways to set backgrounds using LaTeX: graphics - How to use background image in LaTeX? - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange

So you just need to add some code to the preamble and then indicate which page should have a background. Note that image.jpeg is an image in the same directory as the Rmd file.

title: "Untitled"
date: "`r Sys.Date()`"
output: pdf_document
  - \usepackage[pages=some]{background}
  - \backgroundsetup{scale=1,opacity=1,angle=0,contents={\includegraphics[width=\paperwidth,height=\paperheight]{image.jpeg}}}

# Important Section

Here is some important text.


# Last Page


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Thank you! But I have one small issue; the image won't lose its aspect ratio in order to fill the page completely. Here is a screenshot:

I want the image to always take up the entire page even if it means losing its aspect ratio.

You can control this with the scale argument to \backgroundsetup{}. Larger values will stretch the image. Otherwise, with scale=1, you need to make sure your image has the proper aspect ratio to avoid needing to stretch the image.

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