How to separate title from desc (scraping data IMDB-Coming Soon Movie)

As mentionned earlier, have you installed stringr version 1.3.0 ? Can you check what version you have ? Thanks.

If you have stringr < 1.3.0, it won't work. So, if you can't or don't want to update, just replace the last mutate

year = str_extract(title, “\(\d{4}\)”) %>%str_remove_all("[\(\)]"),
title = str_remove(title, “\(\d{4}\)$”) %>% str_trim()

by this one

    year = str_extract(title, "\\(\\d{4}\\)") %>%str_replace_all("[\\(\\)]", ""),
    title = str_replace(title, "\\(\\d{4}\\)$", "") %>% str_trim()

Is this ok for you ?

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