How to select option from dropdown using Rselenium

I do not know how to select year 2018

driver = rsDriver(
  port = 4857L,
  browser = c("firefox"))

remDr <- driver[["client"]]

# Need to edit this line
remDr$findElement("xpath", "//select[@id='dnn_ctr633_Dispatch_Index_ddlYear']/option[@value='2018']")$clickElement()

remDr$findElement("id", "dnn_ctr633_Dispatch_Index_btnSubmit")$clickElement()

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You need make click in year box and next select the specific year:

# with xpath

remDr$findElement("xpath", '//*[@id="dnn_ctr633_ModuleContent"]/div/div/div[1]/div[1]/div/button')$clickElement()

# select 2018
remDr$findElement("xpath", '//*[@id="Body"]/div[1]/ul/li[3]/label')$clickElement() # in [3] is for 2018.

# next you need put cilck in update bottom in the page for load the new filter.
remDr$findElement("xpath", '//*[@id="dnn_ctr633_Dispatch_Index_btnSubmit"]')$clickElement() 

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