How to select a specific R version when runnning a Quarto render from Powershell ?


The title is quite self-explantory: I have long term projects set up for a specific R version. I can't change R versions during analysis, to ensure best reproductibility of the produced results, and want to keep the workflow as simple as feasible (I know there are solutions to set up versionning by project, but these do not mix well with our team infrastructure and accessible software).

I suspect there is a way to set up a Quarto rendering task in Powershell to run with a specific R version, but I cannot find any useful reference to that end. I currently use the quarto render command.

Thank in advance for the help

Hello @NRS ,

maybe this link (the QUARTO_R environment variable) will help?


If you want to be very specific on the R binary to use with Quarto, you can set indeed QUARTO_R as mentioned by @HanOostdijk

Otherwise, the R used will depend on what R is found on PATH, or R_HOME if set.

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