How to see code from a .rproj file ?

I saved a code in r studio as title.rproj
however, I want to show the code with that file somehow. Is there a application that I would need to download to be able to see the code.
If not is there a way I can view the code with in the file through conversion or some alternative method. The problem is I can't just go back and save the file as .r because I submitted the .rproj file to my teacher and I can only get credit for it if she can open the file and see the code somehow. I’ve attached a copy of what happened when my teacher opened the .rproj file in notepad app. However that is not my code that I had in Rstudio.
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You con open the file using a text editor, if you are on windows you can use the Notepad, if you are on Linux you can use vim or nano.

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Thank you so much I just emailed your response to my teacher. Is it possible you can go more into detail just Incase she runs into problems. I’m just anticipating that she may have questions so I want to try my best to put her in the best position possible to get the code from the .rproj file.

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my teacher tried opening my .rpoj file through notepad. I attached a picture in the earlier post. Do you know what to do to find the code from looking at the attachment ?

Sadly it seems like you have submitted the actual .rproj file instead of your code saved as .rproj, your code isn't there because you have sent the wrong file.

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