How to save multiple rows in mySQL server from R SHINY app

How to save multiple rows of data in MySQL server from R Shiny? The following codes are only applicable for a single row:

saveData <- function(data ) {
  db <- dbConnect(MySQL(), dbname = "my_servername", host = options()$mysql$host, 
                  port = options()$mysql$port, user = options()$mysql$user, 
                  password = options()$mysql$password)
  query <- sprintf(
    "INSERT INTO %s (%s) VALUES ('%s')",
    paste(names(data), collapse = ", "),
    paste(data, collapse = "', '")
  dbGetQuery(db, query)

Looking for a help from expert. Thanks

Use the dbAppendTable() function

Thank you. I found the solution now. I used the following command:

 dbWriteTable(db, "my_table", data, overwrite = TRUE, row.names=F)

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