How to save forecast results in a dataframe after forecasting using fable.

After forecasting time series using fable, the result is in the form of a fable object with distribution. How do we save these results in a dataframe. Thanks!

df <- data.frame(your_fable)

Thanks @fcas80! Its still the same issue and gives me the same following error.

Error: Can't convert to .
Run rlang::last_error() to see where the error occurred.

And when I check error with rlang, I see the following details:
Can't convert to .

  1. (function (x, start, len, ...) ...
  2. vctrs::vec_default_cast(...)
  3. vctrs::stop_incompatible_cast(...)
  4. vctrs::stop_incompatible_type(...)
  5. vctrs:::stop_incompatible(...)
  6. vctrs:::stop_vctrs(...)
    Run rlang::last_trace() to see the full context.

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