how to run script while offline

Hey everyone,
Just joined the service,
If i run a certain script and then the computer goes to sleep - will it still continue?
when i turn it back on - it seems to load weird errors - that i believe are from the disconnection from the that right to assume? if so - how can i run scripts while my computer is not connected to the cloud?


Can you post errors you are getting? I think you are right in assuming that they are connected with you being idle and disconnecting, but still it might be useful to see exact output you are getting.

Error in (function (..., row.names = NULL, check.rows = FALSE, check.names = TRUE, :
arguments imply differing number of rows: 0, 2740
In addition: Warning message:
In mclapply(1:length(gfactor$factor), function(k) { :
scheduled core 1 did not deliver a result, all values of the job will be affected

Error in mcfork() :
unable to fork, possible reason: Cannot allocate memory

and this code works fine on my pc.... :\

Have in mind that RStudio Cloud has a 1GB RAM memory limit, so memory intensive tasks are going to fail.

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