How to run Package manager "license-manager activate-file" without root privilege?

I do not have root access on our Rocky 8 linux machine and have installed Package Manage using the non-root install procedures. I am not able to activate our license because I'm gettin an error when running /data/1/RSPM/opt/rstudio-pm/bin/license-manager status. It says I need root privilege is required to execute the status command, or license-manager command. Any workarounds, as I've done this before and can't remember what I did to make it work.


Hey Dennis,

Thanks for reaching out, and apologies that you're running into trouble here.

The license-manager should support non-root installations utilizing the flag --userspace. Give that a try, and if you're still running into issues I'd recommend opening a help desk ticket and we can assist you further,



Hi Dennis,

If you are still having issues, please reach out to start a Support ticket and we are happy to help.



Using --userspace worked and I'm now migrating to Postgres. Many thanks! Dennis