How to run an r script without interruption?

It might be a silly question since I'm totally new to computer science but I have to ask! I just passed some lessons about R programming and It helps me to implement my idea about an app that receives data from an API and corresponds to them returns appropriate data. Now I wrote the code in R studio on my computer and It ran properly but I don't want my script to interrupt by losing network or electricity or any reason. so I need to run my code somewhere every day 24h every second. do I need a server or a cloud? (the difference between them is ambiguous to me!) can I use the RStudio cloud to do this? and are there related materials to find out more?

Yes, a server would be useful for this task, either a local (physical) server that you own or a server on a cloud computing service.

No, RStudio Cloud is a cloud service that provides you with an RStudio session, but it is not a virtual server where you can schedule a job, as an alternative you can set up your own server on a cloud computing service like (Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Computing, etc), here is a nice blog post that explains how to do it.


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