How to resize the viewer pane for plots on Rstudio IDE

Boxplot or any plots used work just great in viewer pane in the plots panel. There was no need to zoom for every plots. After i used graphs from igraph. Viewer pane resolution has become very tiny.. Now every time i have to zoom to see all plots. is there anyway to resize to pane again back to normal size or default size.
I tried uninstall the rstudio and basic r package.. but no use. I would like to have the default settings of the viewer pane for plots again - what should I do?

Any body with any answer ???

I honestly don't understand.
The pane is one of 4 standard panes that all compete for space when you work. You can set them in whatever proportions you like. At different times you want them different sizes, so you can change this with the mouse. It's easy to hit zoom and get the plot to open in a large window without disturbing your prior proportions... I must be missing something in your complaint...

I was using the default pane size for all 4 panes.. My plots were coming in a decent size in that normal pane only - there was no need to do the zoom to see it bigger. Something happened, now all my plots/graphs comes very tiny size - i have to always do zoom to see them now... i am not able to understand what settings i changed that the resolution of the viewing pane change to so tiny settings .. do you get me know ??

I don't know...
I can force a 'tiny size' by passing too large margins to par() like

par(mar = c(n,n,n,n))

(where n<-2 would look good)
but this effect wouldnt survive restarting my R session....

par(mar = c(n,n,n,n)) - this is what i was looking forward.. Thanks a ton

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