How to reset forum defaults.

I seem to have managed to muck up my settings on the forum.

Typically, anything new would appear at the top of the list of messages regardless of any category or tag. Now I seem to be getting some kind of filtering but simply trying to reset the category or remove tag filters does not seem to work.

I have done to replies within the last hour, neither of which seem to be showing up.

Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

Can you take a screenshot and post it here?

Here it is. I notice that your post is appearing properly. Notice thedates on some of the others


Pinned topics always stay at the top, as they represent information that people should know when visiting the forum. I don't think this is different than it used to be (though I could be mistaken)


That's is not a problem. Those pinned topics have been there since I started using the form 3 or 3 years ago. My problem is that typically if I reply to a message it used to appear at the top of the message list just below the pinned Welcome to the Posit Community greeting.

Now, sometimes, if I reply to a message the thread seems to vanish. I have at least one and maybe two threads that I can only find by copying a title from my mail and doing a search.

I sometimes am successful in getting it back in the general list by setting Tags to "no filter" but not always.

Have a look at this next screenshot. There is no way, unless I have some weird filtering in place,

that those "Activity Dates" should look like that.

Your posts are showing up as expected; others are not.


I get it now...the only way I can make my screen look like yours is by selecting "no tags" in the filter...did that get set/can you hit remove filter?


I do Remove tags constantly. I have probably done this 6 or 7 times this morning (EST) and sometimes it helps but recently it does not seem to do much good.

Your messages are still appearing at the top of the list whether it is you or I replying.


Unfortunately, I don't have any more suggestions. Does this behavior persist if you are signed out/in different browser/after clearing cache?

I never thought of such simple things. Cleared the cache on Opera, and logged in on Firefox. Logged back on to Posit in Opera. Both are giving me this:

I'm still not sure why a post at one hour is above yours but It looks like things are better. At least a reply I sent this morning has shown up!

I am not sure if ths has completely solved the problem so I'll leave the message open for a little while but if all goes well I should be able to close it by tommorrow.

Thanks for all the help.

This seems to happen when changes are made to the forum which change previous defaults. There have been a few such occasions over the years.

I solved this latest one by selecting latest topics and sorting by activity. My url is now:
Latest topics - Posit Community

Aha, so it might not have been my stupidity!

I like than URL. It seems to do exacly what I want.

Thank you

I think @martin.R hit on the real issue. We have been making changes, and one of the settings was accidentally set to sorting by thread created date, not by most recent post date.

I switched it to the most recent posts coming to the top (which does make more sense)...let me know if that does what you're expecting.


That was exactly what I was expecting.

I am amazed to think it might not have been my stupidity!

Thanks again.

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Sorry about that, and thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

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