How to request reload of viewer page?

I'm trying to debug some changes to the WebGL output from the rgl package. For example,


should produce a display of 3d graphics in the viewer window. If I right click on it and choose "Inspect Element", the Devtools window pops up, and I can see the HTML that's being displayed, or if I choose the "Sources" pane, can see the Javascript code from rgl that's doing the display. This is really nice!

However, I've made some internal changes, and now things aren't displaying properly, so I want to debug the new code. I suspect the problem is in the initialization, so I'd like to set a breakpoint in the initialization code (which I can do), and then reload the web page. Is that possible? How do I do it?

(If I export to a browser, I can click on the "reload" button to do this. But I'm not seeing one in RStudio, so I'm hoping there's another keyboard shortcut to do it. In case it matters, I'm on a Mac, and Ctl-F5 or Cmd-F5 doesn't do a reload.)

Got it! It's Cmd-R, same as in Firefox.

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