How to replace a column value in a list from names of other lists of list


I have 2 lists. One consists of lists of list with names of various dates ...2020, 2021 and so on. These years are the names of lists within a list.

I have another lists of list that has a Date column with different dates. I would like to replace the values of Date column with names of lists from another list. So, 2020 will be in Date column and for another one 2021, and so on.

Is there an easy way to mutate with names of lists of list?
Thanks for your help!

Please provide small examples of your data structures. You can use the dput() function to output code that others can use to duplicate your data. If one of your list-of-lists is called MyList, then


will output code that you can post here. Put three back ticks just before and after the output, like this
Output of dput() goes here

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