How to render my app on my mobile?



I have deployed my app locally on Now I want to view my app on my mobile device as well which is connected with the same Wi-Fi as my machine was.

Any help much appreciated.


Can you elaborate on this? Do you mean that you have shiny-server installed in your system and you have copied your app folder into /srv/shiny-server? If that is the case then you simply have to enter the same address into your mobile devive's browser.

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No There is not shiny-server installed on my computer....I am running the app using runApp command and then it is listening on but when I am entering this (IP address of mine) address to another laptop connected with same wifi. It is not opening....

That is not a deployment, that is intended for testing only, you can't access that ip from other devices because that is the IP of the local host, you would need to use the LAN IP instead and make sure the port that you have masked with "xxxx" is not blocked by your firewall but as I said this is not a deployment setup so it is not a practical or reliable approach.

Also could please let me know how to deploy my app on intranet in my company


Sorry but your question is not specific enough so I can only give you a general answer. If you want to deploy an app locally then you have to install shiny-server on a computer within your LAN.

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Ok Thanks a lot.....

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