How to render latex produced by embedded python code.

If have the code :


from sympy import *
from IPython.display import display
d=diff(sin(x)/cos(x), x)

This prints correctly:

\frac{\sin^{2}{\left(x \right)}}{\cos^{2}{\left(x \right)}} + 1

But offcourse I need this latex rendered , not the text, in my document.
I tried init_printing(use_latex='mathjax') , but no ...

From this page:

If your python code is generating raw HTML or LaTeX then the results='asis' option will ensure that it’s passed straight into the document’s output stream

So you don't need init_printing, just a few modifications to your code:

```{python, results='asis'}
from sympy import *
d=diff(sin(x)/cos(x), x)
print('$' + latex(d) + '$') # need to add '$' so it is recognized as MathJax

Thanks, this did the trick.

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