How to Render content to table from file output in Shiny

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I have the below sample code where a series of system commands were run in the server code and the output from the file need to be rendered to the table item. I have commented in the code what is required. Could someone help what is wrong in there. It stays idle and nothing is rendered at the moment.


ui <- fluidPage(
fileInput("CF", label = "CF"),
fileInput("ED", label = "ED"),
 actionButton("Run", "Run"),
 menuItem("Table",tableOutput("table"),icon = icon("table"))

server <- function(input, output, session) {
cf_file <- reactive({ 
cfFile <- input$CF

ed_file <- reactive({ 
edFile <- input$ED

table_content <- eventReactive(input$Run, {
file_ed <- ed_file()
file_cf <- cf_file()
##first command outputs file1.txt###
system(paste("cat ",file_ped, "| head > file1.txt"))
###second command uses file1.txt and outputs file2.txt
system(paste("cat file1.txt", file_cf,"> file2.txt"))
##How can i render the output from file2.txt to table_content?##

output$table <- renderText({


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thanks for letting me know about cross posting. I will consider this in future and im afraid that duplication of effort turned out to be zero effort in this case. I wonder if this is because of duplicated post and readers assuming that it will be answered at the other source :pensive: