how to rename variables?

Hi, does anyone know how to rename variable names on r-studio for a linear regression table?
actrolga -this is the codebook name variable does anyone know what function to use so that it will say political activity?
Same for the trstprl variable?

                   Dependent variable:    

actrolga 0.754***

stfedu 0.053***

Constant 3.507***

Observations 18,060
R2 0.015
Adjusted R2 0.015
Residual Std. Error 10.997 (df = 18057)
F Statistic 134.335*** (df = 2; 18057)

Hi, it might help if you provide a reproducible example of your data.

You can use:
Rename columns — rename • dplyr ( if you're working in the tidyverse. Otherwise, is also a base R example here: How to Rename a Single Column in R (With Examples) - Statology

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