How to remove the reference group when doing a GLM


First of all sorry English is not my first language.

My problem is about GLM. Here is how my data are organized.


I want to see how my different hunting categories act on the 3 axis (Dim 1, 2 and 3)

Here is my model :

mod <- glmer(count ~ Dim.1 + Dim.2 + Dim.3 + hunting + huntingxDim.1 + huntingxDim.2 + huntingxDim.3 + (1|Site),
data = hunting.2,

My problem is that this model uses one hunting group as the reference to build the intercept and therefore all the estimates are built around this reference and the group used doesn't appear in the results. Is there a way to input in my model the fact that i don't want to use a reference group and to show the results for all my hunting groups ?

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