How to remove Italics in PDF (latex) output of Bookdown ouput (Tufte Style)?

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to get Bookdown, Tufte style, to output to PDF with similiar aesthetics to the "Envisioned" style. I've been able to change fonts by using "includes" in the YAML data, and linking to a .tex file.

Now I would like to remove the Italics from the PDF output. (The equivalent to toggling the "italics" feature off in the HTML output).

Any help on this would really be welcome.

This is .tex file:

\setmainfont{Roboto Condensed}
\setsansfont{Roboto Condensed}

The outcome I'm trying to produce is equivalent to the following line in the HTML YAML data:

tufte_features: ["fonts", "background"]

where Italics is missing and therefore switched off.

I'm a newbie who really likes the Tufte style sidenotes, so please forgive my silly question if there is something simple I have missed.


See tufte_features works for the HTML/CSS approach. For LaTeX, the underlying engine is at and suggests you'll need to roll your own tufte-book-local.sty Unless you want a deep dive into LaTeX, I'd suggest taking a look at the tex file and see how italics are implemented. It should be easy to strip \textit{ and the trailing } by scripting.

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