How to remove a project name from the Rstudio Projects menu?

I even deleted the old project Folder
in my R Projects dir.
But the old (not needed) Project name (ie: OldProj"),
still appears in the Rstudio Projects dropdown menu (at the top right of the IDE).

How do I (easily) remove that Proj name from the Projects menu?. THKS! :slight_smile:

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You can clear the list of projects using the Clear Project List button in that menu, e.g.


Does that help?

(Unfortunately, it's not possible to clear projects one-at-a-time from this list.)

Hi Kevin - thanks for responding,

No, it doesn't help to clear ALL projects
from the Projects menu,
I only need to remove the name of ONE single Project
from the Projects menu.

Hope a "Remove Project Name"
option will be included
in the next version of Rstudio,

Really needed option...thanks :frowning:

Hi Sfdude,

You didn't specify what platform you're on.
If you're on Windows you can find the projects MRU in C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\RStudio-Desktop\monitored\lists\project_mru.
If you're on *nix your milage may vary, but on my Ubuntu 16.04LTS you can find the MRU in ~/.rstudio/monitored/lists/project_mru. This is for a local rstudio server installation, but I suspect that a rstudio desktop installation will put the MRU in the same location.
The project_mru file is just a text file that you can edit manually. You don't even have to restart RStudio to see the changes :slight_smile:



Thank you Steen
for your clear and complete solution.
It WORKED immediately!!.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

  • Tusend Tak, min ven!
    latest versions R + Rstudio (desktop)
    Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS (32bit)