How to rectify Error in links

Hello Posit community,
If possible, I would really like help with How to rectify Error in links when I input this code please (I'm not sure what the error means - Thanks):

write.table(GFPtable, "GFP.txt", sep="\t", quote=F, col.names=F)
setSettings(list(plateList=list(reproducibility=list(include=TRUE, map=TRUE), intensities=list(include=TRUE, map=TRUE)), screenSummary=list(scores=list(range=c(-4,8), map=TRUE))))
out <- writeReport(raw=x, normalized=xnp, scored=xf, force = TRUE, outdir = outPath)

keep getting this error
"58% done (step 3 of 8)Error in links[![, "Filename"]), "Filename"] <- nn :
number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length"


It's not clear what packages contain the functions you're using โ€” could you let folks here know what they are? And could you tell us more about the objects used in your code, like xsc, x, xnp, and outPath?

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Can you create an example so we can replicate the error? I know errors are frustrating but the code in a repex format (reprex-ing with {datapasta} ๐Ÿ ยท Mara Averick) or a simulated data frame with the error would make this question a lot easier to help with. Also, chatGPT is pretty decent at breaking down errors, even like the format you posted here.

Looking forward to your response!