how to recovery my unsaved codes?

Please please help me. I was working on a project I saved my file to my desktop . yesterday after closing I pushed unsaved by mistake. I opened R today and it shows me the code that I had saved before.all my new codes disappeared I worked very hard in 4 last days and made some changes, is there a way to recovery my unsaved codes?

One hope is that you did run through your code to console.

In this case, manual recovery via History tab.

it doesn't give me my whole code, just some lines that I runed before

also how did wrote in history?

Does your PC have auto back-up of drives? That may be the last hope.

I don't know what Is that , could u explain more?

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do I need external hard?

If you had saved the R script on your drive at some point, there may be system file back-up running (e.g., Microsoft OneDrive).

Hi, generally, the Word provides a function called Autosave, you can firstly check it to check whether your files are here. If you still cannot find them, I suggest you use a data recovery tool. It's a convenient way, you can try the Bitwar Data Recovery which I have used to recover my deleted files. So I hope it can also help you. I hope you can get back your precious files soon.

I think using Autosave is too late. U have to have it before loosing code

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