how to read sdmx/ xml file in R

I am trying to read the following file ( which is located in

I am wondering how to read it using xml2? or should i use rsdmx package?

I think that is a perfectly reasonable assumption.

if this is the case,

dataset <- readSDMX("WEO_PUB_APR2022.xml", isURL = FALSE)
stats <-, labels=TRUE)

how to link the dataset with its labels?
Pleas advise.

Seems that for that you wouldn't access via the file but through service provider api, using the dsd options

if u have downloaded the zip file, you will find 2 files inside,
WEO_PUB_APR2022.xml which is the data
WEO_PUB_APR2022.xsd which contains definiation.
I want to read the second file as dataframe or use directly with the first file to get full dataset with its definitions.

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