How to read raster data of multiple paths and rows using rast function?

I am trying to print and plot my Landsat data using rast function. I have Landsat data from 3 different paths/rows for one year. When I read my data using the rast function I get an error (Error: [rast] extents do not match). The images have the same projection.


lsat_path <- "D:/my_data/lsat_data/"

lsat_files <- list.files(lsat_path, full.names = TRUE)

lsat <- rast(lsat_files)

Could you please guide me to solve this problem?


Could not check so I may be wrong, but following documentation rast(x) takes as arguments a filename (character), or spatRaster object or list of spatRaster objects. You supply a list of filenames, which seems incorrect.

Maybe try something like purrr(lsat_files, ~rast(.)), or 'apply' - family for base-R?

Hope it helps,

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