How to read multiple text files in R?

I have multiple text files in a directory and I want to read them all together to analyse for one common data between all.

I tried doing

files = "~/Library/CloudStorage/GoogleDrive/filename/" file_name_match1,"/", file_name_match2 ,sep ='' "

I get the error saying: unexpected ',' or its says: cannot open file as it is a directory

What the assignment should be doing is to create a character of vectors in a directory

files <- dir("/Users/ro/projects/edw")
#>  [1] "chunk_1.csv"   "code"          "docs"          "edw.Rproj"    
#>  [5] "lm_output.txt" "moist.R"       "moist2.R"      "R"            
#>  [9] ""     "Rplot.png"     ""   "To_Richard"

With that it's possible to further process using regex methods.

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