How to put two sidebarPanel side by side, left and right?


What I need is very simple but I couldn't find any good source to solve this...
I need to put two sidebarPanel like the image of reference below.

What commands is there to make this?
my codes in this code part:

                                      width = 5,
                                      h4("Fill in the table below (separated by comma):"),

                                               textInput("file1", "Archive Title,Ligand Name,Ligand ID", placeholder = "Ex: 7NF5,ALD,401"),
                                               tags$style(type="text/css", "#file2 { margin-top: -3px }"), 

                                      actionButton("action", "Submmit", class = "btn-success")
                                       width = 5,

                                                             h4(strong("Insert the csv table")),
                                                             multiple = TRUE,
                                                             accept = c("text/csv",
                                                             width = NULL,
                                                             buttonLabel = "Browse...",
                                                             placeholder = "No file selected"),
                                                   actionButton("upcsv", "Submmit", class = "btn-success")


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