how to publish / deploy shinyapp in international language / korean language

this is a piece of advice to developers who face problem deploying shiny app in foreign languages

  1. save (reopen with encoding) your file with UTF-8 encoding

  2. copy and paste your code in a new shiny web app file

  3. divide your code into ui.r and server.r

  4. add all libraries used in ui.r and server.r

  5. add this line of code depending on the language used( in my case korean) Sys.setlocale("LC_ALL", "korean") to ui.r

  6. run the app on the local machine, if you face no errors then you are ready to deploy

  7. update all your packages

  8. make sure you have the latest version on rsconnect package

  9. deploy successfully

this community helped me alot and I want to give back
I hope this help you guys in the future

Best Regards
Ahmed Ali
PhD candidate
Chung Ang University

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