How to print and knit table of results before any code

I have run alot of code analyses and have created a table of results that combines many models that sits at the very end of all the code.

I need to write and knit about the analyses at the beginning of Rmarkdown however and this needs to include the final table. Because all of the code comes after the written text, how do I print the final summary table before any code? Rstudio doesn't knit when no objects are present but the object is present but is much later in the markdown

I find that when my RMarkdown involves a lot of script operations or logic to put everything in the setup chunk. For a large table as the only issue, though, I would saveRDS it so that it is available for knitr or pander inline or the second chunk.

Hi technocrat, this worked a treat! This has kept the table exactly as I have produced it. Thank you!

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