how to prevent name changes - Characters and case on field names


I'm having a big problem moving a dataset to a MySQL. I've ched, and the dataset has the correct names and format for all fields. (Dates are dates, int are ints... the data was imported from our data warehouse)

Now, all I wnat is to upload that dataset to a MySQL. The problem is that R Studio, or the libraries I use, keep changing the fields names and ignorind the shema set in the dataset.

For example, a field calle SMMM-Fechacita turns into smmmfechacita on the MySQL database.

How can I prevent that?


Ok.... I found out what was going on...

R Studio has an option where you set how it handles data collation. You have to go to:
Tools-->Code--> click the third button "Saveing"--> at the bottom set it to UTF-8. Problem solved.

Now datatypes are not modified and field names are ok.

EDIT: No... that might have helped, but I cannot upload data without the name alterations. I must have installed a library I do not recall. This is frustrating.


I had a problem with the ODBC conectors I installed, that interfiered with R Studio, and handled the data wrong (or so it seems)

I uninstalled all ODBC conectors (I had a mix of 5.XX and 8.XX versions)
I installed MySQL Workbench
I installed MariaDB
I installed MySQL conector (latest version)

Remember that I also changed R Studio setting to UTF-8.

Now data can be sent to MySQL and alllows capital letters and - in column names.

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