How to pass R environment data variables into shiny app to deployinto

function(x) {
assign( (Names), Campaigns_Split_N[],envir =.GlobalEnv)


this above function throws different data sets into global environments and later I can access them trough their names of data frames
Like wise I want to use this same function into shiny ,so that I can access those datasets,but I am not able do that ,however in local shiny apps its working ,only problem when deploying app through do help
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  • The simplest way to get data into an application is by uploading a CSV, RData or other data file directly with the application source code. In this model, the application author includes the data files as part of the application. This is usually best for data files that do not change very often as updating or adding data requires redeploying the application. Uploads of this type are done via secure HTTPS by default. Currently there is a limit of 100MB for application uploads.

Also often useful is the storage section of the docs

I have environment varibles which are needed to be paased to shiny app for deploying into
How to do it?

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