How to order the input in a Shiny Flexdashboard?

I have taken help from:
and changed the data a little with the intention of a different order of the types to make this Shiny Flexdashboard.

title: "Untitled"
    orientation: columns
    vertical_layout: fill
    runtime: shiny

```{r setup, include=FALSE}

type <- c("B", "C", "A", "B", "C", "C", "C", "B", "C", "C", "B", "A")
quant <- c(2, 9, 5, 11, 2, 9, 12, 2, 6, 5, 5, 6)

dat <- data.frame(type, quant)

dat1 <- dat |> group_by(type) |> summarize(Total = sum(quant))



selectInput(inputId="types",label="Types",choices=dat$type, selected = dat$type, 
             multiple = TRUE)

Column {data-width=650}

Chart A

  ggplot(filter(dat1, type %in% input$types),aes(x = Total, y=type)) + geom_col()

It works as intended such as remove a type and the bar for that disappears. However, the choices in the input box are not in alphabetical order. How can I get them in alphabetical order?

the least effort fix for that is to add an arrange on the end

dat <- data.frame(type, quant) |> arrange(type)

Thanks. I also found out if I did not do the arrange, I could use

selectInput(inputId="types",label="Types",choices=dat1$type, selected = dat1$type, 
             multiple = TRUE)

where I changed to dat1$ instead of just dat$.

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