How to open a geopackage file

Hi there!

Currently I'm trying to correctly open a geopackage file, I've put the link below.

The internet says using the rgdal package is necessary to open a gpkg file. I have installed the package but I don't know how to use it. Please keep in mind I'm a complete newby to R who just got familiar with the interface and syntax of the software. If there's someone who can help me out that would be much appreciated!


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I think you can use the sf package to read those data

url <- ""
temp_file <- tempfile(fileext = ".gpkg")
download.file(url, destfile = temp_file, mode = "wb")

data <- st_read(temp_file)

Several resources to help

There also a book on sf

and another one on geocomputation

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Thank you for your reply!

Unfortuantely the code you send me didn't work to load the gpkg file, online I have read I need to use the rgdl package?

Since packages alone were already a bit confusing to me I decided to start with some of those introductory lessons you send me to learn about spatial datasets and its characteristics. They're of great help!

I manage to read it using sf
I guess it is because I have all the suggest dependencies installed already. See

If you installed those it could work I guess.

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