How to open a Bibliometrix Network in VOSviewer?

How to open a Bibliometrix Network in VOSviewer?
I tried net2vosviewer, bit it didn't work.... The net file is invalid and I can't open it with VOSviewer.
Thank you!

M <- metaTagExtraction(M, Field = "AU_CO", sep = ";")
NetMatrix <- biblioNetwork(M, analysis = "collaboration", network = "authors", sep = ";") net=networkPlot(NetMatrix, normalize = NULL, weighted=NULL, n = NULL,degree=3, Title =
"Authors' Collaboration", type="circle", size=5,size.cex=T,remove.multiple=TRUE,labelsize=0.8,label.n=10,label.cex=F) networkPlot(NetMatrix, normalize = NULL, weighted=NULL, n = 10,degree=15, Title = "Authors'Collaboration",type="circle",size=5,size.cex=T,remove.multiple=TRUE,labelsize=0.8,label.n=10,label.cex=F)
net2VOSviewer(net) netstat <- networkStat(NetMatrix, stat="all", type="degree") summary(netstat, k=144)

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