How to move the middle bar in a Likert scale plot

Hi all,

I'm new to R so sorry for the possibly very simple question. I'm making a Likert scale plot in Posit Cloud

and I would like the vertical bar in the middle to sit between variable 2 and 3 not in the middle of 3?

this is my current code
#this creates the likert information from the data

Result = likert(data)

#this plots the data
scale_fill_manual(breaks = c("1", "2", "3", "4"),
values = c("dark grey", "grey", "light green", "green"))

and advice or where to find info would we awesome, thanks

do you mean the black line, showing where zero percentage is on the xaxis ?
This is data driven surely, isnt it equivalent to you ... having different data ?

yes the black line. My data is ordinal and there are four categories, so the "middle" is between the second and third variable, not the middle of 3 if it was a 5 category Likert scale - if that makes sense

fixed it

I'd copied code from a 5 point likert graph so it thought there was a 5 catergory not there. thanks for the help

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