How to minimise code chunks in rstudio 4.0?


I have just started using RStudio 4.0. Is there a way to minimise the code chunks? Normally I just click an upwards arrow, or go to 'Edit > folding >collapse' but this is not possible in 4.0. Is there a workaround>?


Can you clarify what RStudio you are using? There is no 4.0 version, the latest preview version is 1.4.1087 (maybe you are confusing it with your R version)

Hi, sorry!
It is RStudio Version 1.4.1087

Thank you!

Can you provide detailed steps to reproduce your issue? (Ideally with a sample .Rmd file) I have tried on the same preview version and the "collapse" function works as expected for me.

Did you try it in markdown visual editor? Thats where it didn't work for me. In the normal source editor it worked fine.
Will make a sample.Rmd file asap, I'm just out right now! Thanks for your help

I see, I think this is a design choice rather than a bug, since you are "visually" editing your Rmd file, it shows the output as it would be visualized when knitted. You can start a discussion about it by filing an issue on the GitHub repo.

I see, thank you! There must be a problem all as echo is set to false, so I don't actually see it when I knit. I will file an issue!

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