How to merge PM2.5 (.nc extension) with the DHS GPS data (.shp extension)?

Dear all,

I have two datasets: one is air pollution, which provide annual average PM2.5 overall, and by type, for the period 1998–2016, at a resolution of 0.01 × 0.01° (approximately 1 × 1 km); and the other is the GPS coordinate data for each DHS cluster in the DHS dataset. I need to merge these two dataset together based on provided GPS information in the two datasets. Please note that the air pollution data is stored in .nc extension, while the DHS GPS data is stored in .shp extension.
The annual global air pollution data can be accessed from here: Box
I am unable to share the DHS GPS due to data restrictions, so I would greatly appreciate it if someone who is familiar with this type of merging/matching and could help.

Thank you.

Is there anyone who can help me out with this issue? Thank you.

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