How to merge multiple excel files with multiple worksheets in R with different number of rows and columns in R

Hi guys,

I am relatively new to R. I am not sure about how to merge multiple files with multiple worksheets with different numbers of rows and columns into one table. Is it possible? Do I use full join or rbind? I managed to import the files and worksheets in R but I don't know how to merge all these files in one table

File A -worksheet 1
File B - worksheets 1-74
File C- worksheets 1-9

I used the code below to import the files and worksheets.


read_excel_allsheets <- function(filename){
sheets <- readxl::excel_sheets(filename)
x <- lapply(sheets, function(x) readxl::read_excel(filename, sheet = x))
names(x) <- sheets
files <- list.files(path = "Data/Multiple files/", pattern = "*.xlsx", full.names = TRUE)
out <- lapply(files, read_excel_allsheets)
names(out) <- basename(files)

Now how do I merge these files and worksheets together.

How are the sheets related to each other? Do they have a unique identifier or identifiers?

The key thing, as asked by StatSteph, is how they relate.
Do you need to add some (SQL UNION) using rbind or do lookups (SQL JOIN) using inner_join/left_join (or merge)

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