How to manually specify path for Find in Files in RStudio (bypassing file dialog)?

I'm working in a restricted research environment using UNC paths and trying to use Find in Files in RStudio (ctrl + shift + f). Because of the use of UNC paths, the search always silently fails (if I set debug on in the environment variables I can see RStudio gives a warning about UNC paths not being supported and helpfully defaults to searching C:\Windows instead). The UNC path is also mapped to a network drive (e.g. F:\), but because of how permissions are set up, I'm unable to select that as an option within the file dialog that pops up when I click on Browse from within the Find in Files dialog (I assume Windows's Explorer doesn't have permissions to access F:\, hence why it doesn't show up in the Browse file dialog). Note that R itself has no trouble accessing files on the F:\ path and I can run my code just fine, it's just this particular aspect of search that's broken.
Is there any way to hard-code the Find in Files location manually, or is the last used location stored anywhere in particular that could be modified?

(Note that the command prompt is also disabled so I can't run grep manually).
This is using RStudio 2022.07.1, Build 554, on some flavour of Windows Server.

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