How to make the rendered R Markdown html file visible in R Studio Connect without clicking on "Open Solo"

I've deployed an R Markdown file to R Studio Connect successfully but when I click on Content -> my deployed document, it is not visible on the main page. I need to click on the three dots and then 'Open Solo' for it to show. How can I change that?

What do you have exactly on your main page ?
Open Solo is the url that goes to your content and that you can share. When using this url, it should open directly your content.

Also, an RStudio Connect Admin could provide you with a custom url for your content if needed

It's actually completely blank (I haven't exposed the margins in the prt screen):


I need to go to (...) and then 'Open Solo' in order the see the actual content whereas I would like to be visible directly here instead of the blank page. How can I do that?

After publishing, you should arrive on a dashboard page for your content as a publisher. There may be a button to click on to make the content published for good and visible for other, if not already. The content should be visible here. The open solo button under ... on the top right is to open the content in a new page with the direct url.
Are we ok on this for other content ? does the issue is only for this content ?

Unfortunately, I am not sure to see what here means for you without further info and exemple.

Also, if I understood correctly, it is a rstudio connect issue, you could add the tag or change category to precise the type of your question.

As is, I do not have enough detailed information to be able to help you further. Maybe someone will have some thoughts or if you can bring more details, it could help.

So in this specific case all my content is published as indicated by the screenshot:

and after going to content and clicking on it it simply doesn't show on the main page under the link: Content/<content_name>. The page is simply empty:

I need to click on this (...) and then 'Open Solo' for the content to become visible (a rendered html file). So my question in the end it: is this how it simply works in this case? If not, then what am I doing wrong so that the content is not directly visible without going to the (...) -> 'Open Solo' button?


In my experience, I see the content of the document or app published in the content/<number> , with the RStudio connect header and menus on the right. I clicked on Open Solo to see the content only and get the sharing link.

To get further, I think we could change the category of your post and also add RStudio Connect as tag. If you do that, some of RStudio Solution Engineer folks, could come in the discussion and help. You can do that yourself or I can do it for you if needed.

Thanks, I'll do that!