how to make plot with multiple data using ggplot?

Hi all,
I have a plot like this, but I am trying to make a better plot using ggplot.

here is my script without ggplot

data <- read.csv("plotdata.csv", header=T)

#making plot

plot(data$PCpG, data$ICpG, main = "Plot", col = "orange", 
     xlab = "PCpG", ylab= "ICpG")

points(data$PCpG.1, data$ICpG.1, col = "blue") 
points(data$PCpG.2, data$ICpG.2, col = "green", pch=2)
points(data$PCpG.3, data$ICpG.3, col = "purple", pch=2)

Does anyone know or can give me suggestion how to make plot like this using ggplot?
here is my data data

Thank you in advance


I'd suggest reading the ggplot2 webpage.

Though I think it could be useful to look up tidyr too and learn a bit about data tidying. Half the battle is formatting your data correctly! Your data doesn't quite look complete in your link, so I've created a reproducible example using dummy data here:


dat = tibble(ICpG   = rnorm(30) |> abs(),
             PCpG   = rnorm(30) |> abs(),
             PCpG.1 = rnorm(30) |> abs(),
             PCpG.2 = rnorm(30) |> abs(),
             PCpG.3 = rnorm(30) |> abs())

dat |> 
  pivot_longer(-ICpG) |> 
  ggplot(aes(x = ICpG, y = value)) +
  geom_point(aes(color = name, shape = name))

Created on 2021-12-06 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

Thank you so much sir

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