How to make avariable global to the server and the UI

I have the following function in the server function that returns 2 values from a helper function call and uses the output to initialize a conditional panel. The conditional panel runs fine, but I cannot output the value of one of the variables returned by the function.


output$returnedFromFunction <- reactive({
      result <- glycoPipe(inFileName)
      returnedValue = result$pass
      returnedText <- result$params
      return(paste(returnedValue, returnedText))
    outputOptions(output, 'returnedFromFunction', suspendWhenHidden = FALSE)
functionName --> function(){
c(pass, params) %<-% extractParams(file)



      condition = "output.returnedFromFunction",
      helpText("Changes to the table will be automatically saved to the source file"),
      actionButton("saveBtn", "Save"),
      helpText("Handsontable demo output. Column add/delete does work ",
               "for tables with defined column properties, including type."),
      radioButtons("useType", "Use Data Types", c("TRUE", "FALSE")),
      rHandsontableOutput("hot", width = 1500)

global. R contains

returnedText = ""

However I get Error in tag("span", list(...)) : object 'returnedText' not found. How can I make the variable returnedText global to the app?