How to make a function which has continuous argument (without any gap or commas)

I want to make a program which could read my argument and then sum them up. I have already saved different characters which would be summed up by this function for example ( H=1, C=12, N=14, O=16)

I want my function to read my input as (HCNO). Please suggest me, how can i make this happen. Although i am able to creat a function but not with the input same as i have mentioned above. Function which i have made is as follows

carbon_number<-function(char1, char2,...){
formula<-sum(char1, char2,...)

In here input is- H,C,N,O
And i want my input as - HNCO


Please tell me any other way without any special packages!

Thank you!

There are multiple solutions in the thread I've linked. Only the last one depends on quosures and tidyverse. If you have a very specific reason not to use additional packages, then you should explain it in more detail to make it clear what are the dependencies.

I don't think you'll be able to do this as a function with a single argument. You will at least need to pass in a vector of references. You can then strsplit your character string on empty characters to get a vector of individual characters.

If we use the reference

ref <- c(A = 1, 
         B = 2,
         C = 3,
         D = 4,
         E = 5,
         F = 6)

and define the function

carbon_number <- function(compound, ref){
  compound <- unlist(strsplit(compound, ""))

We can then generate sums as follows:

carbon_number("ABC", ref = ref) # 6
carbon_number("AFD", ref = ref) # 11

As a side note, I'm curious what you mean by "carbon number." The weights you give ( H=1, C=12, N=14, O=16) look very similar to atomic masses for various elements.

I'm closing this thread as it's an almost word-for-word duplicate of this same question yesterday: