How to look for a code syntax ?

Is it possible to search this forum for particular code syntax and user through posts at the same time ?
How do I do it ?


I would think so, but do you have an example you want to search ?

Hi Nir,

Yes , I do, for example, I would like to find your posts, where did you use !!! operator ?
You probably answered some questions about tidy eval and I would like to recall that syntax during my learning path.
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Yes; here is the result of a search on my username with the keyword syntax.


But the best source is help(). Every function has a signature, giving its arguments. The rest of syntax is composed of operators and delimiters including the curly braces for multiline statements for use in function definition and for loops, etc.

wow, I'm honoured.
Might be imperfect because I dont think the bang bang operater is searchable as its not considered alphanumeric, but I would typically load rlang library most times I share code involving tidyeval so heres a search on that.
Search results for '@nirgrahamuk rlang' - RStudio Community

Thank you very much both @technocrat and @nirgrahamuk, that was helpful, maybe in the future it will be possible to write down eg: @user and {{ }} to recall where and when it was used ?
At present we can search by topic's title.


I haven't heard anything about future plans. The site runs on the discourse platform, so it would probably depend on their plans rather than the RStudio people. There is a rich option menu and the ability to search for functions.

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I was thinking about possibility of searching through the content of topics.


site:// syntax @technocrat

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